Thugs disguised as police officers and county askaris steal motorbikes in Nairobi CBD, according to shocking footage — The bike of this rider was taken.


In broad daylight, thugs posing as police officers and county askaris operate in Nairobi’s Central Business District.
Four guys dressed as plain-clothed city askaris are seen confronting a rider in uptown Nairobi, alleging it is illegal for him to ride in the CBD, according to a video published online.

One of the men steals the rider’s keys as the fight escalates.

The rider tries to reach an agreement with the raucous men, but they soon say that they have decided to ride the motorcycle to City Hall.

Two men in front of the motorcycle command the rider to follow them.

One of the males speeds away with the motorcycle after a short distance, leaving the rider crying for help.

The individuals were thugs posing as county askaris, it has recently been revealed.

Fortunately, the rider was able to capture them on video.


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