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See Kenyans’ Reactions to Stella in Ilikuwa Tarehe Kumi na Saba.


Freshly Mwamburi, a well-known musician, traveled to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on May 17th to greet his lover, Stella, who had gone to Japan to study medicine.

Mwamburi had sold all his property in order to sponsor her studies in Japan. On the day of her return she alighted from the plane, Mwamburi was hit by a shocker when Stella was carrying a baby on her hands with his short japanese fiance.

Mwamburi who had gone with his family members to welcome Stella were glued on to the ground as they could not believe that Stella had chosen to repay good with evil. Mwamburi remained heartbroken with lots of love for Stella who he expected would be his wife.

People have shared their experiences and lessons learned from the popular Stella song on Twitter today. Here are a few of their tweets:

“Long-distance relationships are unlike any other. Ask Freshly Mwamburi what Stella did to him if you don’t believe me.” Omwamba used Twitter.

“Never never pay for your girlfriend school fees. If you’re doubting me, ask Freshly Mwamburi what Stella did to him.” Omwamba added.

Manoti said, “The story of Stella and Freshly Mwamburi reminds us how hypergamy is a cruel mistress,it doesn’t care about your sacrifices ,don’t go an extra mile to make her happy.”

“Dear Men, Freshley Mwamburi thought That Stella Deserved the entire World. As a Simp he lowered his Value and Sold his Property to Please Stella. In the end he was ended up Regretting. Hypergamy doesn’t care about Your Sacrifices. Focus on Building Yourself. Don’t Please Women.” Amerix warned.

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