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Meet The Man Who Quit His Job As A Police Officer To Work As A Security Guard In Nairobi

It’s around noon on Thursday. Christopher Kitiyo is sitting atop his seat, his steady gaze sweeping through the crowd.
Kitiyo is 72 years old and works near Nairobi’s City Stadium. It’s simple to spot him in a crowd. Because a security guard in uniform is visible, this is the case.

Kitiyo, despite his senior age, can still manage a passable half smile. It’s possible that it’s due of his glasses. They (the glasses) appear to rest on the ridge of his nose, providing a tough but soft piercing look.

Kitiyo isn’t your average security guard; he’s a former Kenyan police officer.

His demeanor, speaking mannerisms, and attire reveal a man of service. Even though he is 80 years old, he claims that these characteristics have not faded.

Over 40 years ago, a man from Taita Taveta retired from the military.

He ended up working as a security guard as a result of this.

“I joined the police service in 1969 when I was 19 years old. I recall being sent to Mombasa’s Kilindini police station. I went through a six-month intensive training program. He revealed, “I am a trained cop.”

When the option to join the forces arose, he had just completed his education.

“During President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s administration, opportunities to join the forces were plentiful, even though we wore shorts like primary school students.” “We also made a pittance,” he added.

Kitiyo, who was assigned the number 245 by the police department, signed a 10-year contract.

He graciously declined to renew his contract after it expired in 1979. He walked away, never to return.

“We could only serve in the force for a maximum of ten years.” Contracts were renewable, but he thought he had accomplished enough, therefore he opted to leave the forces,” he told Wananchi Reporting.

Kitiyo gave up the pistol for rungu and went to work as a supervisor for a local security agency in Nairobi. The position lasted four years.

He went to work for a different company for five years.

He relocated to his current work in the mid-1990s.

“I was working at another private security service when someone hired me to watch his property, and I’ve been here along Lusaka Road ever since,” he explained.

The father of three and grandfather of four has been a security guard for 42 years.

In retrospect, Kikiyo claims that dropping the gun was the right decision.

Although police personnel in Kenya are generally well paid, the government has implemented adjustments to enhance their living conditions.

But, because he’s ‘nearing retirement,’ he claims he’d like to find one last job. A competent, well-paid employment has regrets about leaving a lucrative career.

“When I retire, I hope to find a better job.” He stated, “I have worked in this city for a long time.”

At the period, police work was difficult, perhaps even impossible.

He signed off, smiling like a man who enjoys his work.


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