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The World’s Top 20 Wealthiest Actors in 2022

RankActorNet Worth
1Shah Rukh Khan$600 million
2Tom Cruise$570 million
3George Clooney$500 million
4Mel Gibson$425 million
5Amitabh Bachchan$400 million
6Jack Nicholson$400 million
7Sylvester Stallone$400 million
8Mary-Kate and Ashely$400 million
9Arnold Schwarzenegger$400 million
10Clint Eastwood$375 million
11Jackie Chan$370 million
12Keanu Reeves$360 million
13Sean Connery$350 million
14Tom Hanks$350 million
15Micheal Douglas$300 million
16Adam Sandler$300 million
17Will Smith$300 million
18Robert Downey Jr.$300 million
19Brad Pitt$300 million
20Robert De Niro$300 million

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