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The World’s Top 20 Most Populous Cities in 2022

1.Tokyo, Japan37,339,804
2.Delhi, India31,181,376
3.Shanghai, China27,795,702
4.Sao Paulo, Brazil22,237,472
5.Mexico City, Mexico21,918,936
6.Dhaka, Bangladesh21,741,090
7.Cairo, Egypt21,322,750
8.Beijing, China20,896,820
9.Mumbai, India20,667,656
10.Osaka, Japan19,110,616
11.Karachi, Pakistan16,459,472
12.Chongqing, China16,382,376
13.Istanbul, Turkey15,415,197
14.Buenos Aires, Argentina15,257,673
15.Kolkata, India14,974,073
16.Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo14,970,460
17.Lagos, Nigeria14,862,111
18.Manila, Philippines14,158,573
19.Tianjin, China13,794,450
20.Guangzhou, China13,635,397

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