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Is a COVID-19 Vaccine Recommended For My Child or Teen?

As more vaccines are approved for use in children, it’s critical to keep up with local and national health authorities’ recommendations.

WHO has cleared the use of both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in children aged 12 and up. We’ll keep you updated as more evidence becomes available about vaccine efficacy and safety in children under the age of 12.

At this time, WHO advises that nations only vaccinate children after achieving high vaccination coverage with two doses in higher priority-use groups. Because children and adolescents have milder disease than adults, it is less necessary to vaccinate them than older persons, those with chronic health conditions, and health workers unless they are part of a group at increased risk of severe COVID-19.

Remind your children that it is critical that we all take care to protect one another, such as avoiding crowded settings, physical distance, hand washing, and wearing a mask.

Children must continue to receive the recommended childhood immunizations.


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