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How to Apply for a TSC Number Online, What You’ll Need, and How to Check Your Status

Before any educated teacher can be assigned duties in any school in Kenya, whether private or public, the TSC Act of 2012 mandates that they be registered with the Teachers Service Commission.

To support the TSC Act, the Ministry of Education issued a directive to all county commissioners in late 2016 directing them to ensure that only qualified teachers enter schools beginning in 2017. A qualified teacher is one who has received a certificate of registration from the Teacher Service Commission.

There’s no need to be concerned if you’re a qualified teacher who lacks a TSC number. I’ll walk you through the process of obtaining one.

It is important to know that TSC does not recognize any manual applications. This implies that everything is done through the internet.

Minimum TSC Teacher Education Requirements

CertificateC Plain in KCSE
DiplomaC+ (plus) at KCSE
DegreeC+ (plus) at KCSE

In addition to the aforementioned basic criteria, teachers planning to teach secondary school must have a grade of C +(plus) in each of the two teaching subjects.
To begin the procedure, the following papers are scanned to facilitate uploading them easier:

  1. All academic credentials ( primary, secondary, university or college)
  2. Transcripts from college or university.
  3. Banking slip of a non-refundable registration fee (Kshs 1055 for duplicate certificate and Kshs 2055 for original certificate) to be put in the following TSC Registration Accounts National Bank of Kenya (for Direct Banking, account number is 01001000905001, or for Simple Banking use this Pay Bill Business Number 625625).

Remember that your registration will not be processed unless you make this payment.

In addition to the aforementioned basic criteria, teachers planning to teach secondary school must have a grade of C +(plus) in each of the two teaching subjects.
To begin the TSC Number registration procedure, scan all of the relevant documents and follow the steps detailed below.

Note 1: You should only scan and upload original documents.
Note 2: Attach a letter of approval from the Ministry of Education Vetting Committee for Expatriate Teachers.

How to Apply for a TSC Certificate and Register

To register, complete the steps below:

  1. is a good place to start.
  2. Click NEXT after entering your ID or passport number and surname.
  3. Fill out the essential information in the form that appears (KRA Pin, Email, Phone number e.t.c are required)
  4. Continue until you reach the last step.

Remember that intentionally providing false information to the Teachers Service Commission is a criminal offense. Any person convicted of the offence can be fined up to Ksh 100,000 or imprisoned for up to 12 months, or both, according to the legislation (Section 44 of TSC Act No. 20 of 2012).

How do I verify the status of my TSC number registration?

After you’ve completed all of the online steps, you’ll receive your TSC number in less than a month. To see if you’ve been assigned a TSC number, go to teacher registration status and type in your National ID number.

The TSC Certificate will be mailed to the postal address you indicate during registration. This suggests that the applicant should double-check the postal address provided. If you haven’t gotten your certificate after a month, get in touch with the commission for more information.


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