Requirements of Operating an AirBnB Business in Kenya


Members must meet basic requirements for licensing of operating the AirBnB business in order to be successfully registered by the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) and awarded a regulatory license.

Airbnb and other homestay operators must pay a Ksh1,000 one-time application cost and a Ksh26,000 annual license charge per unit, as well as provide copies of certain papers.
A completed application form, an original deposit slip for application and license fees, tariff/rack rates, and a copy of the premises’ title deed/lease agreement are all essential documents.

An operator must have home insurance in order to obtain a license from the regulatory authority.

According to the Airbnb website, hosts are more likely to pay both VAT and income taxes from their businesses.

“Because you might be able to deduct your expenses from your income taxes, preserve records for the costs of operating your experiences.”

“An additional tax or duty may be applicable. “Check with your local tax advisor or attorney to see if your activity is subject to additional taxes or charges,” the online marketplace recommends.

An Airbnb representation in the form of a file image. The travel business has been transformed by Airbnb, which is giving established hotels a run for their money. Photo: PIXABAY


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