Getting a Company Name Registered


The registration process is now done online through the E-Citizen platform.

A sole proprietorship is a business structure that is operated and owned by one person. The owner is the sole decision maker in the company and is responsible for all losses and profits. In the majority of situations, it is a business structure for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

Application Procedures:

  • Reservation of a company name
  • After making a reservation, the next step is to register the company name.
  • In one line, the person(s) registering the business name must define the type of the business, such as stationery, food, or hardware.
  • The application must provide the business’s physical address, which includes the plot number, road, and town.
  • Indicate the postal code, address, and town that the company will use.
  • Indicate the proprietor(s) information: the name(s) must be written exactly as they appear on the ID card, and all fields must be completed.
  • Download the form that was generated by the system.
  • On the downloadable form, all partners/proprietors must sign; please number the signatures in the order of the names on the form.
  • Fees for registration are Kshs. 850.

NOTE: For each additional business branch, an extra price of Kshs. 200 is payable.


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