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How to Become a Member of the NHIF in Kenya

National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a State Parastatal that was established in 1966 as a department under the Ministry of Health. The original Act of Parliament that set up this Fund in 1966 has over the years been rThe National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a state-owned corporation that began as a department of the Ministry of Health in 1966. The original Act of Parliament that established this Fund in 1966 has been revised over time to accommodate changing healthcare needs of Kenyans, employment, and health-sector restructuring. The Fund is currently governed by the NHIF Act No. 9 of 1998. The transformation of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) from a department of the Ministry of Health to a state-owned corporation was intended to increase its effectiveness and efficiency. The Fund’s primary goal is to provide medical coverage to all of its members and their designated dependents (spouse and children). All Kenyans who have reached the age of 18 and have a monthly salary of more than Ksh 1000 are eligible to join the NHIF. NHIF has 61 fully autonomous branches throughout Kenya.

How to Become a Member of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF)

The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) registers all eligible members from both the formal and informal sectors. Membership is required for people working in the formal sector. Membership is accessible and optional for persons in the informal sector and retirees. Fill out the Members Form to become a member of the NHIF. Fill out the Employers Form to register as an employer or a group.

Who is eligible?

  1. Any person.

Who is a Kenyan citizen?

  1. Has reached the age of eighteen. (After the age of 18, there is no age limit.)
  2. Whose total monthly or annual earnings from salaried or self-employment exceed Kshs. 1,000 per month or Kshs. 12,000 per year.
  3. Getting money from Kenya
  4. Working on a contract or on a part-time basis (It also includes voluntary contributors) This includes foreign visitors who have been granted permission to work or study in Kenya.
What do I need to bring?

Kenyan Residents
1. a copy of your national identification card (including spouse if applicable)
2. (Excludes self-employed/voluntary contributors) Copy of Employer Appointment/Introduction Letter
3. Passport photo in color (including spouse & dependents if applicable)
4. Birth Certificate(s) for dependents (original and copies)

Residents from other countries

  1. Passport, alien certificate, or work permit photocopies (including spouse if applicable)
  2. A passport photo that has been colored (including spouse & dependents if applicable)

Students from other countries

  1. Passport photocopy
  2. Passport photo in color
  3. In the Voluntary/Self-Employed Category, submit the requisite amount.

Where can I drop off my application?

  1. Any of our branches across the country.

Employer’s Requirements

  1. Registration Certificate
  2. Certificate of PIN

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