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How to Register as a Private Candidate for KCSE


Those who missed their chance to sit for the KCSE can now do so according to the Kenya National Examination Council. As a private candidate, you will not be required to attend classes or even wear the uniforms.

You must first meet the KNEC admission requirements before registering. The following are some of them:

  1. A KCPE certificate is required.
  2. A certificate of birth
  3. 2 passport-sized photographs
  4. You haven’t taken a KCSE exam in over three years.
  5. If you’re a repeater, it’s been no more than two years since your last KNEC exam.
  6. Produce a certificate of graduation from the prior school you attended.
  7. KNEC conducted a test, which I passed.
  8. Obtain a letter of confirmation from the principal of the school or center where you will be taking the KNEC exam.

You must register for a minimum of seven and a maximum of nine Kenya National Examination Council papers as a private KCSE candidate.

The amount of the examination fee will be determined by the number of papers you register. Seven papers will cost Kshs. 3,200 each, with nine papers costing Kshs. 3,600 each.

How can I sign up?

To register as a private KCSE candidate, go to the official KNEC website and download a registration form, which you must fill out completely and submit to KNEC-approved facilities.

Visit https://www.knec-portal.ac.ke/ for further information.

Where should you send your completed registration form?

The Kenya National Examination Council has made it easier for you to sit for the KCSE as a private candidate for the second time. They have given you with a list of registered and accredited centers where you can register.

In March of each year, you can register as a private KCSE candidate at the District Education Office closest to you. The registration period is set by KNEC and runs from March 1 to March 30 each year.

Even if you have paid the registration costs, you will not be accepted as a KCSE private candidate if you do not match the aforementioned admission conditions.

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